Board of Directors

Gwendolyn J. Hutchinson
Board Member
Verna Edwards
Board Member
Devora Costello
Board Member
Ruby Hurd
Board Chair
Jacqueline Harris
Board Secretary
Judith Kuykendall
Board Member

National Elected and Appointed Officers

Gwendolyn J. Hutchinson
National President
Ida F. Cochrane
First Vice President
Terrilyn Daigs
Second Vice President
Vicki Carr-Trotter
Third Vice President
Teresina Mahoney
National Financial Officer
Dr. Saundra Randall
National Financial Asst.
Pamela Moore
Pamela Moore
National Recording Secretary
Rhonda Jordan-Thomas
Regional Director-at-Large
Noella Buchanan
National Ritual Director
Sidney Everly
National YOBPS Director
Christine Pollard
Editor Olive Grove
Ivanona Cail
Editor-Reporter Olive Grove
Terri Stallings
National Hospitality/Protocol
Deirdre Anderson
Public Relations Director
Cynthia Wiley
National Music Director
Cecila Hamilton
National Business Manager
Saundra Randall
National Parliamentarian
Linda Haynes
National Religious Director
Michelle Fells
National Webmaster
Tara Bell
Sergeant at Arms
Chazz Wilson
Asst Sergeant at Arms
Beverly Walker
Regional Asst- Eastern Region
Exie Marie Leagons
Regional Asst - Southern Region
Constance Pleasant
Regional Asst - Northern Region