A Lady wearing pink dress, smiling at the camera
Dr. Terri Stallings, National President

Greetings from the National President:

Sorors All:

It is with great pleasure that I greet you as your newly elected Supreme Basileus.  It has been my joy to serve Beta Pi Sigma Sorority, Incorporated for the past 27 years.  Our journey is one that will be filled with hills and valleys coupled with great accomplishments and great strides of successful victories.

Our National Theme “Youth Take Priority” is the reason for our existence.  Our primary goal is to ensure we provide opportunities for young people to receive higher education.  As we remain committed to providing scholarships to deserving students in communities across the nation, we can rest assured our Founder’s vision of creating a path for students to succeed is a manifested dream come true.

These dreams are realized through the efforts of Beta Pi Sigma Sorority members.  God is not unrighteous that He would forget our labor of love toward our generations to come.  Our legacy compels us to continue pulling one as we climb.  We must continue to keep the educational door open so that the young minds who follow us are given every opportunity to excel in life through education.

As we continue opening our hands to give, opening our hearts to serve, and clinging to one another in sisterly love, let us remember we need each other to survive.  Our “unity” is paramount showing the world we are better together!  We can accomplish anything moving in the same direction, with the same goals.  If God be for us, who can be against us?  Acknowledging Him in all our ways will allow Hime to direct our path.

Remaining faithful, dedicated, and committed to students through the business we conduct every day in Beta Pi Sigma Sorority, Incorporated can yield us a great return on our investment into the lives of youth around the world.  We have a fresh new opportunity every day to make our Founders proud.  Let us run the race with joy and finish the course as we strive for excellence, to produce young scholars who will rise one day and call us blessed.  It is my earnest plea and fervent prayer, that we continue to demonstrate love to all, be at peace with every man and one another, and execute the values and integrity of Beta Pi Sigma Sorority, Incorporated.

In Love and sisterhood,


Dr. Terri S. Stallings, National President